August 16, 2008

Olympic Fever!!

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hmm recently i don’t know why  but i’m feeling so excited everyday in wanting to watch olympics! i know i know it’s a little bit too late to post this up but hey! the competition is getting more competitive each and everyday! Currently i’m very anxious on the badminton male singles because MALAYSIA is INNNNN!! yeah that’s right IN!!!!! but i’m dissapointed thought my FAVOURITE swimmer PARK TAE HWAN did not make it to the final for the 1500m event!! So depressed*

FYI. Lee Chong Wei will be bagging RM1mil if he bags a gold!

Lastly i would like to cheer for the two countries!!!! GO KOREA! and MALAYSIA! hwaiting!! ahha


May 10, 2008

Out of jail in 6 months time.

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well it’s been awhile…thanks to all my fans for reading hahax. You must be PONDERING what the heck am i talking about? out of jail? but i’m not in the jail! hmm…you must be curious right?

well i’m talking about my braces! hahax..i finally have make a decision to ask the dentist for rough estimation on how long the braces will get out of my life!!! it’s so TROUBLESOME ! everytime i eat..there’s just a tiny bit of food particles stuck in it! how irritating!

i need more inspiration to write more!! argh!


February 23, 2008

5 seconds of fame

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yup that’s right! five SECONDS of fame ONLY. I appeared on the local channel Tv 1. Caught waving unwillingly with the big hand cardboard =] during the national songs were played. Ntg special just sitting there listening to the music from my ipod and cheer whenever it was necessary only. Listening to the speech made by our 5th Prime Minister , Penang’s chief minister and the rest are unknowns to me.Those bunch of guys sitting a few rows away from our sch have a very serious mentality problem. Keeps on booing towards the crowd.

What so great about them huh? Doesn’t know how to behave themselves! Shame on them! Boo Hoo! Anyway we are each given a packet of rice(i dunno what type of rice it is), mandarin orange and some box drink. I only ate mandarin orange and gave the packet of rice away to my friend sitting right behind me. Too Full to take another bite hehe.

 After the activities ended at around maybe 5 pm we went back to our sch by a tourism bus! How lucky of us as there are lots of bus which don’t even has an air conditional in the bus. As you know the weather are scorching hot this days.Phew!!

*pics will be uploaded later..coming soon. hahaz

February 9, 2008


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what should i say.. well this is the first time i’m starting to blog seriously. Although i do not have much experience in blogging i hope that you would give me a chance to blog =].

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